the last program disappears in the memory flash when the current is turned off

why when I turn off the OP7200 the last compiled program in memory flash disappears ?
please help me

It seems like the module is in Program mode, if you would like to store the program in the flash, you need to create the binary file and upload the binary file on to the module by using the RFU.
Once uploaded the binary file, you need to keep the module in Run mode, now even if you reset the board, the program will be there in the flash.

For more information on how to create the binary file and how to use the RFU, pls check the Dynamic C 9 user’s manual at the below link

Also go through the OP7200 user’s manual at the below link regarding the Program mode and Run mode

i am new member and i am a new user on Rabbit RCM2200 and i use
Dynamic C 8.10 to copmile and upload the code to the RCM2200.

when i try to run the code there is it works
but when i try to use

Compile> Compile to .Bin File> compile to flash

it gives this error message

Compile mode ‘Code and BIOS in flash, run in RAM’ not supported for
this board.

Pleasee can you helps me

You should be running Dynamic C 9.62. Version 8.10 is quite old and not supported.