RCM5700 Module Won't Save Program

I have gotten a program written and tested on the RCM5700 (w/ Development boards) and was ready to deploy it but it won’t run without DC running and connected to it.

I HAVE “Compile to Flash” enabled in the project options menu. Is there a jumper or something that I have to put on the board to get the Flash write to take?

I am also powering the board with an external supply so it’s not removing power when I remove the USB cable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Len Morgan

Do you have the program/diag connector disconnected.

If not, remove it and try again.

If it was removed, try using the diag connector and see if it outputs some info to an serial program like Realterm.

Note: The above applies to the 3000 series of RCM; most likely does not apply when using an usb programming cable setup.

Did you try using the RFU to program the board?

Tim S.

The RCM5700 dev kit comes with the jumpers in the ‘program’ mode setting - your program will not start without DC there to bring it up.

What you have to do is remove the link from JP1 Pins 1 & 2 in order to enable run mode.

From the documentation:

"Pins 1–2 on header JP1 on the Interface Board must be jumpered to download and debug applications and sample programs with Dynamic C running. Pins 1–2 should be left unjumpered to run an program already loaded in flash memory. "

hello ia m also working in RCM 5700 module
i need to use HTTP server features of RCM 5700
this is the sample program given TCP/IP tutorial…i hav also made necessary network configurations.
#define TCPCONFIG 1
#define MY_GATEWAY “”
#define MY_NAMESERVER “”
#use “dcrtcp.lib”
#use “http.lib”
#ximport “hellowww.html” hellowww_html
SSPEC_MIME(“.html”, “text/html”)
SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE(“/hellowww.html”, hellowww_html)
void main()
for (;:wink:

the problem is i am not able to see the output in the browser when i type this url—>>> is my ip address.
so anyone can help me how to display the output thro browser…what r the changes i hav to do??is there any jumper settings i need to do???please help me ASAP…
thanks in advance.