Rabbit RCM3365 will not run standalone

We are currently running into the problem that we cannot get the Rabbit (RCM3365) run in standalone mode.

What we do is the following:

  • We program the Rabbit via the serial cable (PROG) using the “Dynamic C 9.40” User Interface. Compile to target -> Compile To Flash, Run in SRAM
  • I have attached some pictures of the settings we are using.
  • After programming the Rabbit a window pops up with the message “Program succesfully compiled to flash and is now running on the target”.
  • The application is running on the Rabbit.
  • The programming cable (PROG) can be removed (while under power) and the application keeps running on the Rabbit.
  • If we now Reset the Rabbit and it restarts it does not start the program automatically, it waits for a start command (app go). If we give the “app go” command via the HTTP console the application starts running.

How can we get the program to start automatically on its own? (without issuing a start command)