How to compile to standalone mode

I’m using DynamicC 10.72 and an RCM6700 kit. I can compile and run programs just fine in debug mode, but I can’t seem to create a standalone version that executes automatically when power is applied. I’ve tried compiling to flash with varoius project settings (debugger enabled and disabled, different settings for RST28, etc.), using nodebug, and also compiling to .BIN and programming with RFU.

In all cases, either the program only runs in debugger, or I get a “While sending user program: Timeout while waiting for response.”

It’s not just my application, I get the same thing using the FLASHLED sample program.

The information in standalone mode is in the user manual’s Getting Started” section.

The SMODE jumper on the interface board needed to be removed. That little nugget of info was buried in the hardware reference section. I assumed it was a compiler issue.

All is well, now.

Hello you can also find it in the User Manula 4.3.1 section.
Here is the link;
4.3.1 Standalone Operation of the RCM5700/RCM6700
The RCM5700/RCM6700 must be programmed via the Interface Board or via a similar arrangement
on a customer-supplied board. Once the MiniCore has been programmed successfully, reset
the MiniCore. The MiniCore may be reset by cycling power off/on or by pressing the RESET button
on the Interface Board. The jumper across pins 1–2 on header JP1 on the Interface Board must
be removed in order for the MiniCore to operate in the Run Mode after it is reset. The MiniCore
module may now be removed from the Interface Board for end-use installation.
CAUTION: Power to the Interface Board or other boards should be disconnected when removing
or installing your RCM5700/RCM6700 module to protect against inadvertent shorts across the
pins or damage to the MiniCore if the pins are not plugged in correctly. Do not reapply power
until you have verified that the MiniCore module is plugged in correctly.