how to run compiled project at power up on RCM6700?

We have a new RCM6700 dev kit, and have PWM via http control working as desired; based originally on FORM!.C
how do we do the compile/load in Dynamic C v10.64 to have the user code run at module power-up?
Could someone please give a quick how-to or outline?
Is there a set of Options -> Projects Options etc required?
I don’t see a setting for “release” or such.

The thread on boot.rom merging seemed close…

Thank you,

Reply to self: from the 6700 User’s manual

“Pins 1–2 on header JP1 on the Interface Board must be jumpered to download and debug applications and sample programs with Dynamic C running. Pins 1–2 should be left unjumpered to run an program already loaded in flash memory.”

So, SMODE is what I was looking for.
fter compiling a project to the target, unjumper the 3.3V-to-SMODE jumper on pins 1-2 of JP1.

Works like a charm :wink: