Debugging Stdio readout


After reprogramming a RCM with Dynamic C 9.21 a very useful window labeled Stdio pops up with a readout of what the RCM is doing when I run commands on it.

How can I get this same readout without reprogramming the RCM?

I think a combination of the DIAG connector and on the Rabbit Programming Cable and Windows HyperTerminal may work, but I have not figure out how.

You can use the DIAG connector to give you access to serial port A when running a program outside the debugging environment offered with the PROG connector. To do this, the macro STDIO_DEBUG_SERIAL may be defined to redirect Stdio output to a designated serial port´┐ŻA, B, C or D. In this case you want to set it to A. Then use Hyperterminal or another PC based serial communications utility and set it for the same baud rate that your program set Port A to use. For more information, please see the sample program Samples/STDIO_SERIAL.C.