Serial issue on rcm3x00


We have developed several applications over the last few years for RCM3100 and RCM3000 boards.
On many of these boards we use the possibility of the serial port and hyperterminal to debug the application.
Recently we moved production of these boards to singapore and informed them how to test these boards with a test application and hyperterminal. This test application is in use for a few years already in our own facility (Netherlands).
Here comes the weird thing: whatever we try in Singapore as well as in Thailand (with local computers), we can not see any ouput from the boards with hyperterminal or any other serial program. But programming the board using the RFU utility does work.
Singapore shipped the boards to our facility and we could watch the output on our PC’s using hyperterminal. We shipped program cables etc… to singapore but still could not make it to work. On my last trip to asia I verified their computer settings and all seems ok, but I could not make it work. ( did not bring my own computer)

To enable serial output I use:
#define STDIO_DEBUG_BAUD 57600

And use the printf function to write to the serial port.

Does anybody has any idea??


Sorry buddy i don’t have any idea in this regard, i think an expert can tell you about it more better