Decoding a FrameType 0x92

I have ADI0 thru ADI2 enabled. I just want to make sure that I’m parsing the packet right. If my digital mask is zero, then does the analog samples start right after the Analog Channel Mask ?

Here is the Packet :
Number of Samples in packet: 01
Digital Channel Mask of packet: 0000
Analog Channel Mask of packet: 87
Digital samples in packet: 000D
Analog samples in packet: 0000024C0AFC

Analog samples in packet: 000D0000024C0AFC

Thanks Rich

The following link also helps in decoding the packet,
Select the Device Type and choose the packet.

I think something wrong with the packet. If you have enabled D0,D1 and D2, in samples you will get something like xxxx xxxx xxxx. The last byte is checksum. In your packet, check sum is FC.