XBee3 0x83 frames (200D firmware) don't reflect missing ADC channels like S1 10ef does

There seems to be a feature/bug in the implementation of XBee3 frame 0x83 compared to S1 XBee. This does not affect 0x92 frames. This problem can be seen in XCTU, however it handles the issue without error. I have documented it here with the developer of the node.js xbee-api module:
When configuring XBee for event driven digital inputs and also sample time based analog inputs, S1 0x83 frames and XBee3 0x92 frames correctly set the analog channel mask depending on whether analog samples are present or not in the frame. XBee3 with 0x83 frames and at least 200D firmware leave the analog channel mask as a constant (reflecting configuration not the frame content).
Note that the default configuration of the XBee3 firmware is to leave A0=2, which generates 0x83 frames when using 16 bit addressing in API mode.

If you feel this is a bug, please submit a case with Digi Technical Support with all of the steps needed to reproduce the issue.