S3B-900HP in API mode - can't detect 0x91, 0x92 frames

I’m still having trouble receiving frames at my Programmable S3B-900HP (XBP9B-DMSTB002) from my non-programmable S3B-900HP (XBP9B-DMST002) remote radios that run in transparent mode. I can see their responses via command_dump() in API/Codewarrior SDK frame handlers, but I never get their 0x92 or 0x91 messages, so I don’t think I’m understanding how to detect and parse those.

I know the frames are coming in because when I reset the Programmable from an XBIB and open XCTU, I can see the frames come in as I programmed them (active DIOs, and at the rate I defined on the remote radios as 15 seconds (IR=0x3A98). However right when I reset my Programmable radio back into my own firmware, the frames are not handled.

I took a picture to demonstrate the radio going from bootloader mode to my firmware mode:

Is there a setting I can change in the SDK or config.xml to listen for these frames, or do I have to define it from scratch in _xbee_frame_dispatch? Any examples I can use for reference?


I would suggest looking at the ADC Example in the SDK.

I don’t see a lot in the ADC. Is the Programmable DIO example more relevant, or did you mean the ADC (‘adc_monitoring’)?


I am referring to the ADC Polling example.