Definition of repsone to IS command

This may be a dumb question, but I can’t see where the format of a response to an IS command is specified. I want to cololect the analog values on pin of remote modules. It is clear for ZB modules, but not Digimesh.

An example would be great.

Is page 20 of the Digimesh product manual what you’re looking for? If not, you may need to expand on the question a bit.

Page 20 describes how to set up the pins for analog, digtial. No problem with that. What I want is the format of the response to an IS command. Something like in the Remote Command Response
API Identifier Value: (0x97).

I can’t see where it describes the format of the analog data returned in the repsonse.

Maybe we’re not looking at the same version of the manual. I’m looking at 90000991_B.pdf, which I believe is the latest. Page 20 has pin configuration commands at the top, and below that a table giving the IS response format.

I’ve made sure I’m looking at the same version. At the bottom of each page it says “If the command is issued via an API frame then the module will return an AT command response API frame with the IO data included in the command data portion of the packet”. Good.

I was really looking for an explicit examples of the responses, as in the ZB manual.

For example in the equivalent API command response ZB manual (90000976_F). i.e. page 114, ZigBee IO Data Sample Rx Indicator - Frame Type: 0x92. There is a section at the bottom of the table, in the Frame specific data saying Analog Sample “If the sample set includes any analog input lines (Analog Channel Mask > 0), each enabled analog input returns a 2-byte value indicating the A/D measurement of that input. Analog samples are ordered sequentially from AD0/DIO0 to AD3/DIO3, to the supply voltage.”

I realise I asked for the format of an IS response, but the 0x92 format gives me some info about how the 10bit analog values are returned. In fatc what is the format for an “IR” response?

Where is the same definition of the response data format from the Digimesh module? Does the Digimesh module return 0x92 responses?

I guess the information may be inferred but the ZB manual has more examples.