Bugs/Issues XBee Digimesh 2.4

In the last few weeks I found some bug/issues (are they documented somewhere?)

The documentation is the newest for XBee Digimesh 2.4 (90001020_B 2/24/2011)

  • Remote AT Command Response: command status 4 not defined in documentation

  • with Encryption on I get wrong Remote AT Command Responses (known bug??? support chat said that its known?)

  • No answer if the checksum or length of a frame is wrong -> not mentioned in the documentation!

  • Node Identification Indicator Frame -> no checksum in the example in the documentation

I hope this are all issues…

Regards, anm

Another Issue:

There is no Frame for the I/O sampling (identifier 0x92) in the documentation, but this frame is sent, if sampling is enabled.

I think the documentation is not good. Many mistakes and missing information.