Wrong FrameID and AT command name in failed remote AT command response

I have been trying to send remote AT commands using the API mode and XBee PRO with the latest Digimesh firmware and some previous versions (8062 and 8067).
While requested nodes are switched on and reachables, the remote AT command responses work like a charm. However, if the node is not reachable, the AT command error does not work properly. Although the error code is received indicating TX error (0x04), both Frame Id and AT command name in responses do not match with the requested parameters. Furthermore, these values change with every request (even if it is the same).

Is this proper behaviour documented elsewhere or it is just a bug in the Digimehs firmware? At following you can find an example of this weird behaviour (extracted from X-CTU program).

Frame sent: 7E000F17270013A20040078BC0FFFE006264B7

Frame received: 7E000F97E70013A20040078BC0FFFE143F04E6

Thanks in advance.

The API frame you received back indicates:

04 - Remote Command Transmission Failed which is what I would expect if the module is not in the network.

Yes, we have already noticed that. However, even if the node is neither reachable nor in the network, the Frame Id and the AT command name should match with the request (and it does not).

I have XBee 865/868 LP module, and i want to send AT command to XBee router through XBee coordinator and it is in API mode and XBee router in AT mode, when router in normal mode means that router not in sleep mode then coordinator send remote AT command and router are receive it but when i configure router in Synchronous cyclic sleep mode with 5 sec wake up and 16 sec sleep but router can not receive AT command but i got TX error in Remote command response.

i have continues send remote AT command to router so when router is wake up then it receive command and give response without any error. But i have not get positive response but i got TX error so please give me solution about my problem.