Unexpected Command Status


I’m using 900HP Xbees to send Remote AT command request.

It turns out that I’m receiving “Remote Command Response” with “Command Status” = 4. But the User Guide never mention the “Command Status” = 4, What is the meaning ?
XBee S2 user guide mention that command status = 4 is TX error, and in the user guide of 900HP it mentions some values for most significant nibble, maybe it refers to the two higher bits from the lower nibble.

Can you provide the full status frame so I can see what you are referring to?

This is an example of a Remote Command Response that I received.

7E 00 0F 97 01 00 13 A2 00 40 E3 1E E7 FF FE 49 52 04 EE

The XCTU “API Frame Interpreter” translate it as TX error.

It is a General Transmit Failure.

Ok Thanks. You should include this in the User Guide :slight_smile:

I am a user and not Digi Support. The support forum is for user helping user or where you not aware of that.

Oh and I got the answer from XCTU.

Oh I though you were a Digi Supporter. I’m not really sure of XCTU translation. Thanks anyway