DEL 5.5 - unable to create symbolic links


I am trying to install the newest beta version of Digi Embedded Linux with support for the ConnectCore i.MX51 on Ubuntu 8.10, but I keep getting error messages like this:

“Unable to create symbolic link /usr/local/DigiEL-5.5/digiesp/jre/man/ja -> ja_JP.eucJP”

It seems to be a problem with the working directory of the installer… the installation was executed as root user, of course. Strange enough, I already managed to install DEL on another computer - I changed the working directory before running the installer and suddenly it was able to create those links. But I was not able to reproduce this behaviour afterwards… any hints how to solve this?

Where did you get DEL 5.5?

Same thing happening here with the “ConnectCore Wi-i.MX51 Early Availability Development Kit”. Using the included DVD. I used VMWare to create a new virtual machine and install the DVD to hard drive, then booted it and and launched the Digi EL installer link on the desktop. Error messages is happening at the end of the installation process.

Your installer runs out of memory.
The virtual machine needs to have at least 1024 MB of memory available for DEL to work. Please increase the memory for that virtual machine to at least 1024 MB.