Problems with DigiEL5.0 for ME9210-LX

Hellow All,
I’m having serious problems and perhaps they are related to an older version of the DigiEL. I just purchased the dev kit in Feb 2010 and it was shipped Feb 23. The DVD however is version 5.0 dated April 2009 and yet I see people here talking about version 5.2.

I have created 3 installations attempting to get something working, one on Fedora 12, one on Ubuntu 9.10 and one using the standard install of Kubuntu that came on the DVD in a VirtualBox appliance on Windows Vista. Both installs in standard Linux distributions seemed to work correctly but fail when attempting to start Digi ESP leaving just a small dialog box on the desktop. I found a knowledgebase article about a problem with Xulrunner and had me create a new .metadata config file in the workspace directory. These allowed Eclipse and the Digi ESP package to start, but only once. I had to remove the metadata directory and start over for each new start.

On each start the package manager says there are critical updates. But multiple attempts over days always results in it hanging after downloading the first file.

The standard full install of Kubuntu from the DVD into a VirtualBox worked and was able to start Digi ESP without the metadata problem. But it also then repeated the exact same problem with the package manager hanging.

Anyone have any suggestions on getting something to work? Why do I seem to have an old version of the programs?

Mike B

  1. If you bought your kit in Feb 2010 you should have recieved 5.2 which is out for few month already. Conatct a sales chanel you’ve got it from and ask for upgrade DVD. In addition when installing DEL, follwo registration steps. Registration will grant you a 30 days of free support. Support might be able to help you upgrade your version of DEL to 5.2.
    2)DEL 5.0 does not support neither Fedora 12 nor Ubuntu 9.10 due to Eclipse compatibility issues. 5.2 Does.
  2. Package manager hanging is probably due to the connectivity issues. If you are behinf a proxy you will ned to obtain a patch before DEL will be able to get updates.
    Customers behind a proxy server will need to install the update found here to make other packages accessible:
    Unzip it to a temporary directory. Open Digi ESP and select Package Manager -> Package Manager Settings.

Select Repositories and add your temporary folder to the List of local folders.

Run Package Manager and install the update. A reset of the ESP environment will be initiated upon completion.

All DEL 5.0 packages will now be accessible from behind the proxy server.
Then again upgrading to 5.2 may eliminate the need of doing all this.
Hope it helps,

if you are unable to update the package manager, you can get a package manager update for offline installation here: