DIgiEL 5.0 on ubuntu 10.04


I tested the DigiEL5.0 on ubuntu 10.04 beta2 and it could be installed but not

Will 10.04 be supported? When?


It is supported by DigiEL 5.2, which has been out for a while…

@LeonidM : thanks

My 5.0 did not show updates.
Today I recieve a DigiEL-5.2_installer_RevB and I will test it


I’ve found DigiEL-5.0 crashes quite often on Kubuntu 10.04. Where can I get hold of DigiEl-5.2? Is it available for download?

Disregard that last question, I’ve seen the answer in another thread.

Hi I have the same problem where I am not able run digiESP 5.2 on Ubuntu 10.4. A small windows pop and I can not even close it. I have to kill the process from terminal window.