DigiEL-5.2 on RHEL 6.0 (Or CentOS 6)


Has anyone installed this on RHEL 6 and had it work?

I’m not having such luck.


i have installed 5.6, not 5.2… 5.6 works fine…
i will give a try… what is the issue that you are facing?

I have it on CentOS 5.6 as well and it runs fine…

On 6.0 it basically doesn’t run — there’s no error message output or anything.

I am running CentOS 6.0 x86_64 and not i386 though…

I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Is DigiEL 5.2 the latest version or is there something newer?


i guess i have Cent OS i386 (not sure).
Sorry eventhough i said i will give a try i forgot to do it.

Will try today :slight_smile:

I asked Support and they said 5.2 doesn’t work with RHEL 6.x yet… but will soon.

So don’t worry about installing…

Thanks for the reply though! (I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE USING THIS!! hahahah)

Turns out support was incorrect as DigiEL 5.2 will fun on RHEL 6.0 – it turned out to be a need for 32bit libraries instead of the 64bit stuff that was installed by default.

I would change this thread to SOLVED but the forum won’t allow it for posts older than 3 days. (DOH!)