digiesp embedded linux 5.9 won't run on ubuntu 10.04 - from command line it just exits after about 1s. Any ideas please?

I followed the install instructions to the letter, the icons appear on the desktop and the file structure is all there in /usr/local, but the executable digiesp just doesn’t run (for long!).

I am only using Ubuntu because Kubuntu was absolutely terrible on my computer - continuous long pauses and many features not working.

I have the kit on sale or return - my current inclination is to return it and design in something that works!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Hello Peter,
It is recommended that you upgrade to a more current release like Ubuntu 12.04.

I would install Ubuntu from live DVD that came with DEL 5.9
if you are usining your own distribution and it is 64bit then you need to install an additional packet called: