DIGIESP 5.2 core dump after launching


I am newbies in linux and i have problem with digiESP.

When I using DigiESP 5.2 in live application the software run without problem.

But when I instal Kubuntu and then after DigiESP the software run and crash :
An unexpected error has been detected by java runtime…

problematic frame:
c [libxul.so+0915074]

core dump"

So I try to update java but It still did not work.

Some could help me to solve this problem. Thanks


I still have the same problem.

Some one could help me ?


I am also waiting for the reviews for the same topics. and I have also the same problem. So, please keep sharing your discussion.

from where did you get Digi EL DVD?
I guess you have an old release… If you have bought a Digi Kit recently then Digi support can give you a free upgrade to latest version.

Also make sure that you are NOT installing Digi EL with root privileges. Install as a normal user of Kubuntu.

And DEL 5.2 is tested and verified on Kubuntu 8.10, if you are using any other version of Kubuntu it might crash.


Thank you bobthomas13,

I bought a Digi connect ME 9810 linux kit and I receive with it Software and documentation 5.2 October 2010.

I understand now why DigiESP 5.2 is not working with Kubuntu 12.04

Is there any update of DigiESP working with the latest version of kubuntu or other distribution ?


Digi ESP for DEL 5.2 will work only on Kubuntu 8.10.
Digi ESP for DEL 5.7 is the latest one i which Digi Connect ME 9210 is supported, but i dont think Digi will give you a free upgrade as you have bought this kit in 2010.

You need to install Kubuntu 8.10 that came with DVD(maybe in a VM??) and use it.