update digi embedded linux to 5.9.8

I am currently running 5.9.2 version of DigiESP. I need to update my DigiESP to 5.9.8, but the package manager is not allowing this. I am unable to update to 5.9.4 using package manager inside digiesp. It provides following warning:

‘Warning: The package platform revision number doesn’t match with your environment revision number, you will not be able to install or uninstall this package.’

Is there any other way I can update the DigiESP or if I can override the warning in the package manager?

try deleteing DigiESP folder and re-installing.

I re-installed using 'DigiEL-5.9_installer.run’and used package manager to update to del_5_9_1 and then to del_5_9_1-images and finally to del_5_9_2. After this no further updates are possible due to the same reason as my first post.

Can you share with me the ‘DigiEL-5.9_installer.run’ file that directly installs the latest version?

you have to start with 5.9.3:
Live DVD