Delay while recceiving the data i broadcast mode

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I am using xbee sx 868 modules and I am using digimesh latest firmware, I connected 3 nodes in the broadcast mode, and I am trying to send a packet from device 1 to both devices 2 and 3 in broadcast mode, I am sending the packet from device 1 using loop infinitely option from xctu, but I can see certain delay while receiving the packets at device 2 and device 3, it can receive the packets but can still see some delay, few packets are received continuously, but few packets are coming after 15-20 seconds, what is the issue i cannot able to understand, any settings i need to change for reducing the delay to avoid the delayed the transmission. Please help me in this regard, it’s very important.Thank you.

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device1_log.pdf (53.5 KB)
device3_log.pdf (3.1 KB)

Please find the logs for device 1 and device 3, the sent packets from device 1 is greater than the received packets, in the received packets logs we can see some packets are being delivered at a certain delay, and we are missing few packets. Can you please kindly check that? Thank you in advance.

@Sand_tech I don’t know what settings you are using or what you are expecting of a Mesh network. Mesh networks are not designed to send data at high rates with little to no latency. You can adjust some settings such as the BH, NH and TO commands to work in a small network of 3 radios and reduce some latency. Especially if this is not needing to forward the data on.

Hi @mvut, Thanks for the response, I am using DL=0 and DH=FFFF , API mode 0 and every node is in router mode, and gave the same pan ID to all devices, these are the only changes I did for all the devices. Basically, my nodes in the mesh network generate data continuously for every 1 second,so I am expecting it to be broadcast timely when a new message is generated. When I am sending a few packets I receive a response like CCA failure, what does it exactly mean and what might be the reason for it, and how to avoid that failure. Thank you in advance.

Make sure the data size being broadcasted

@Sand_tech the CCA is Clear Channel Assessment. A CCA failure means that the RF channel had more noise on the channel that was acceptable to send the message. Most likely the result of the re-transmissions that are occurring.

In such of a Mesh network, you can only send a broadcast about once every 4 seconds. Much faster than this, you do not leave enough time for each of the routers to re-broadcast the packet.

HI @mvut , I was getting this CCA failure everytime, how to avoid this issue. Can you please guide me in this regard. Thank you in advance.

A CCA is a Clear Channel Assessment Error. To address this, you either need to reduce the amount of traffic being sent or change channels that the network operates on.

You change channels by adjusting the SC value and issue and a global network reset (ATNR1).

Hi, thank you, that worked for me.