Transmit Request vs Broadcast packet


I’m using XBee 2.4 modules with the DigiMesh firmware. My digi mesh network consist from 3 nodes and two end devices. The first device is on one side of the network and the second is on the other side.
I want to send information about some action from first end device to second through digimesh network. One way is use transmit request with 64 bit address to specific destination (second end device). Another way is use on the first end device I/O line monitoring and sending broadcast packet on pin change detection.

My question is, which message, transmit request with 64bit address or broadcast message, will have shorter transmission time in this network ?


That is a hard question. The broadcast WILL get through the mesh the fastest in general, but it will then delay any second message as all of the nodes repeat the broadcast because they don’t know the physical topology.

The unicast message direct via the 64-bit will move FASTER only if the correct route-discovery has been done and the nodes all understand the route already. If the route isn’t known, then this unicast requires the full broadcast delay (for route discovery) anyway, but can’t move until after the broadcast repeats end, so the delay could be as much as a second or more.