Transmit Options and RSSI

Using DigiMesh on XB3’s with current firmware. I am trying to increase throughput using transparent mode. I am streaming MIDI and need to reduce latency. I was advised here to unicast and to set RR & MR to 0 (this drops information and results in stuck notes if a NOTE OFF message is dropped). Unicast helps and reducing retries helps.

I was also advised to set TO to 0x40 (Point to Point/Multipoint). This gives me the throughput I need however the RSSI function no longer works. I rely on the RSSI to visually confirm the units are communicating successfully.

I don’t understand the difference between Point to Point/Multipoint (0x40) and DigiMesh (0xC0).

Thanks very much.

RSSI should still work in a unicast point to point connection.

Digi mesh is a mesh network where you need one or more routers to extend the range of the network.

IE I want to send data from A to D but since A and D are out of range, I need to hop the data thru B and C.

Ok, it’s slightly confusing since it is called multipoint. I understand that all mesh capability is negated.
It’s curious then that when I change only TO from mesh to multipoint on the transmit side, the LED I have on the RSSI pin ceases to indicate.
Thanks again for replying.

The only thing I can think of is if you are sending a broadcast packet. But even then I would expect to see the RSSI.