DigiMesh Explicit faster then normal DigiMesh?


I have a system that uses only 2 XBee at any given stage.
So therefore I do not really need the DigiMesh going on in the background but I do need the ease of setup. So then I thought that I might get the XBee boards to rather talk 1 on 1 directly.

Is there a way/setup to do this sort of thing?

In my hunt for a solution using XBee I noticed that the “AO API Options” can be XBee DigiMesh or XBee DigiMesh Explicit. I am not quite sure what the difference is and I can not ask google apparently either. Is it right to assume that the packet send will be explicitly for 1 XBee given the address of that XBee?


The command you are referring to is the TO command. It is settable on the radio without the need of API mode. To tell the module to use Point to point/multi-point mode instead, set the TO command to a value of 0x40. Then set the DL and DH to match the other nodes SL and SH.