Transmit Request frame 0x10 with broadcast

Hello there,
I have noticed that I can use “Transmit Request frame 0x10” in order to send the message to myself (destination mac = my xbee mac). I take advantage of that feature. I have noticed later on that when I use broadcast mac with the “Transmit Request frame 0x10” command, I am not receiving that message. Is this supposed to be working like this? If yes, can it be altered by AT setting, so I can receive my own broadcasts?
I would appreciate all help.

Yes that is doing exactly what it is suppose to do. A Broadcast packet should be sent out to ALL other nodes but the originator and no you can’t change that. That is part of the various standards.

But one can address himself. Also self address doesnt show up when scanning the network for nodes. Is there a way to make the “self address” to act more as a remote node?

Yes that is correct. If you send data to the same address of the node you are sending it from, it will be sent back out the UART.

No there is not.