Determining if/how Digi One SP went temporarily off line

I’ve got a customer with a Digi One SP with a hardware key attached to it. Had a situation late last week where the hardware key was temporarily not accessible. Not sure how long it was inaccessible, but it was somewhere between 14 seconds (when my software was complaining it couldn’t talk to the key after which it shut itself down), and 6 hours (the next morning when the admin simply restarted our software.

Digi One SP is set up with a static IP address.

On the digi one sp, the uptime command indicates it did not lose power, and there

Display error shows:

  1. 0 days 00:01:02
    DHCP CRIT: DHCP Servers not found. Unable to obtain system configuration

info tcp shows:
#> info tcp

Network statistics collected over last 184983 minute(s).

tcpInSegs : 1941113 tcpOutSegs : 1530605
tcpInErrs : 0 tcpRetransSegs : 111208
tcpEstabResets : 153 tcpOutRsts : 1133
tcpPassiveOpen : 190 tcpActiveOpens : 0

info network shows
#> info network

Ethernet statistics collected over last 184985 minute(s).

ifInOctets : 1771518899 ifOutOctets : 133587273
ifInUcastPkts : 2221254 ifOutUcastPkts : 2301767
ifInNUcastPkts : 15995612 ifOutNUcastPkts : 48469
ifInErrors : 0 ifOutErrors : 11
ifUnknownProtos : 6646824

Frame Counts
In Total : 24863915 Out Total : 2350236
In IP : 4850741 Out IP : 2063385
In ARP : 13304722 Out ARP : 286851

Hardware Error Counts
In Overruns : 0 Out Heartbeat Lost: 0
In Unaligned : 0 Out CS Lost : 11
In Unexpected : 0 Out DMA Underrun : 0
In Long Frames : 0 Out Deferred : 36
In Truncated Frame: 0 Out Collisions : 0
In Bad CRC : 0 Out Late Collision: 0

This occurrence was the first one in the 2+ months they have been up in this configuration. Just want to prevent it from happening again, or at least have some diagnostics to figure out what happened.

I’m thinking there is something with set trace I may be able to do, but sounds like you need to open a support case with Digi support for info. Any one have experience with set trace?

I’m hoping I can set up some type of logging for network or serial errors to get cached with a timestamp so we can figure out what happened (if this happens again).

Can logging occur to a syslog server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


see pg. 155 of the command reference guide:

looks like you’ll use the set logport command.


Also, when the problem occurs, try:
“info serial:” and look at rbytes or tbytes, and you may be able to tell if communication has stopped in one direction.

“display port”, and you can see if the Digi One SP thinks it is flow controlled.

Depending on what protocol you are using to access the serial port, a network capture might be helpful in learning what is going wrong.