Device tree is not initializing correctly in u-boot on ConnectCore6UL

Hello everyone.

The board is based on a ccimx6ul (1G-1G).

Board layout is taken mostly from ConnectCore 6UL Starter kit, so I’m building my yocto project with ‘ccimx6ulstarter’ as MACHINE.

My task is to patch u-boot to support ethernet phy (LAN8720a) to download the kernel images using tftp. In a default bootloader I was able to successfully read the registers from LAN8720a, but after playing around with a preflashed bootloader, I have wiped it and now I’m booting the one that’s built by yocto. In anyway, I was needed to use my custom one, so using the default one was just for experiment.

I’m launching my u-boot in a RAM memory by setting the board load device to ‘USB’ and loading it by the following command

'imx_usb tmp/deploy/images/ccimx6ulstarter/u-boot-ccimx6ulstarter1GB-2017.03-r0.imx ’

After the bootup I see a lot of similar warnings

bind node ethernet@02188000

  • attempt to match compatible string ‘fsl,imx6ul-fec’
  • attempt to match compatible string ‘fsl,imx6q-fec’
    No match for node ‘ethernet@02188000’
  • ignoring disabled device
  • ignoring disabled device

whenever I know that this devices is presented in a device tree and has the ‘status’ property set to ‘okay’. Particularly this touches ‘fec1’ device.

The most weird is that some devices, such as ‘imx_thermal’ or ‘soc’ has initialized correctly.

What I’m doing wrong and where should I look at to understand where I was mistaken ?