dey-image-aws not building


Today I tried to build my first Yocto recipe with the Digi envirement.
For my purpose I want to use the “dey-image-aws” image. After a long build i got this error:

ERROR: greengrass-1.10.0-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ‘http:///not/exist/greengrass-linux-aarch64-1.10.0.tar.gz;name=aarch64’. Unable to fetch URL from any source.

How can I change the URL that the packets can be downloaded and build?

Kind regards

Download from:

and place in your workspace downloads folder
The new version replaced this one:


Many thanks for your answer.
After manually added the packets a I got this error:

ERROR: Task (/usr/local/dey-3.2/sources/meta-digi/meta-digi-dey/recipes-digi/cloudconnector/ failed with exit code ‘1’

| src/cc_firmware_update.c:39:10: fatal error: swupdate_status.h: No such file or directory
| 39 | #include
Anny suggestion howto solve this error?

Kind Regards