DHCP Client Identifier on cpconf TS8

I backup digiport configs using “cpconf tohost” to a TFTP server, then restore them using “cpconf fromhost”.
We are running firmware 82000684_T 08/18/2006, and I have also tested 82000684_U 11/09/2007.

The config files have different entries even though the firmware is the same version, specifically some have the entry;“set dhcp client_identifier=\x00\x40\x9D\xFF\xFF\xFF”
and some others do not.

The problem is when we replace a faulty digiport with a new one and do the “cpconf fromhost” command, this brings in the “set dhcp client_identifier” line which changes the MAC address for DHCP so it does not match the MAC address on the label on the digiport. very confusing!

  1. Is there a way to disable the line “set dhcp client_identifier” from appearing in the cpconf file?
  2. Why does this line occur in some config files but not others?


The cpconf output is a standard text file, so once you have your config file, just delete the lines you don’t want uploaded to the other units.

As for why it appears in some units and not others, I’m not sure, but it might be tied to whether or not dhcp is enabled (that’s just a guess though without looking at both config files). If you’d like a more detailed answer on why there’s a difference, I’d recommend creating a support case so we can look into it further.