Ts16 Mei config file


I have 19 Connectport Ts8 Mei in use,
we were using a cfg file to restore configuration before using them,
here is a sample of the file :

"# PortServer TS 8 MEI Version 82000684_T 08/18/2006

set config dhcp=off
set config myname=“” domain=“”
set config ip=“some ip” submask=
set config gateway=“some ip”
set config realport=771 securerealport=1027 sockets=2000 redirect=ignore tbreak=std"

Now that we are updating hardware to Connectport Ts16 Mei,
when i backup config, (made from device manager in windows 2003 server, Advanced properties of Connectport), i have a cfg with xml structure that does not match my changes.

How can i backup the driver configuration to old style cfg file ?