PortServer TS16 Modem Configuration reverting to old config

Wanted to know if anyone has seen this before? We have a Portserver TS16 with port 1 configured for an external modem. After a period of time, the Basic Serial Setting change to something never configured before. We have noted with logs no one is logging in mysteriously and changing it.

Which serial port profile is being used for the TS16 serial port that you have the modem connected to?

The Port Profile is set to Modem. The Basic Serial settings in the operational state is 115200 8 N 1 Hardware. We find over a short time the Basic Serial settings with change to 1200 7 N 1 None.

I also configured port 16 which is not in use and not connected to a modem to our operational configuration. But found it changed to the 1200 7 N 1 None configuration as well.

I suspect that you are using some version of Windows with the RealPort driver.
If true, what you are seeing is the result of Windows querying the serial port to detect what is connected.
With a new enough RealPort driver and if using a newer version of Windows (Xp or newer), you can enable the option “Do Not Scan Modems on Boot” which will prevent Windows from doing this. Please see the attachment.