TS PortServer 1/2/4 MEI loses parity

The Parity keeps changing from 8 to 7 intermittenly. This causes our device not to read correctly. This is happening on two devices out in the field…

Does it change after a reboot or while the ports are in use?

If it is changing after a reboot, the units will likely need to be sent into Digi for repair.

If the settings change while in use, it points to something external changing the settings. In which case, I would be curious in knowing how are the ports being used/connected to (RealPort, TCP, telnet, SSH, etc…)? Each of these protocols can present circumstances where port settings can be changed/re-negotiated.

It would be helpful if you supplied more complete info.
I’m guessing that you have RealPort drivers installed in Windows.
The default setting allows modems and other devices to be detected by Windows. This detection process typically opens the COM port at 1200 7E1. To prevent Windows from doing this, Open the device manager, multi-port serial adapters, right-click the Digi device, properties, advanced, properties, select a port.
Select the Advanced tab, check the box for “Do Not Scan Modems, etc…”. Repeat for each port. Hit OK, OK, etc.

What version of firmware is install on the Digi device? You can find this using the webui->administration->device information.

Make sure that any PC on your network with RealPort installed using this PortServer’s IP address has the option set. Otherwise some other Windows installation can have the same effect.
Also, watch out for some software for Uninterruptible Power Sources. I’ve seen the software scan every single com port and then close it. If you cannot identify the source, you may have to install an ethernet hub (not a switch) with the PortServer, a laptop running Wireshark, and a connection to the rest of your network. A switch won’t allow Wireshark to capture packets to and from another IP address. It has to be a dumb hub to see all the packets.

Version 82000747_U3 12/19/2009

We’re using a scale indicator that sends the data as a TCP Socket.

the guys out in the field say they have to reboot the XP machine. but i don’t believe the digi box is being rebooted. i am going to confirm this…

Sorry about the more info thing. I’m a newbie!!! Anways, yeas we are using the realport drivers installed by windows i believe let me dameware to the machine and check those settings…

I bet you that is the problem. our scale indicator setting are the excat same setting except for the parity that it resets to…

looks like one machine worked as expected after a couple of reboots and another parity went back to ‘7’…

i spoke to our guy again and told him about realport drivers. He said we ar enot using them… not sure what to do now…