PortServer TS 1 Locking port settings.

I have a TS 1 and have several VMs talking to it. Every now and again one of the VM’s programs uses the wrong settings for a port and then all the rest cannot see the data because it is now at the wrong baud rate to communicate with the source device. Is there any way I can lock a port to a fixed baudrate and parity so that the other programs cannot change it?

I presume you are using port sharing to share access to the ports. If so, you will want to apply the exclusive control mode to have the setting exclusively controlled from the Digi unit:

set sharing control=exclusive port=#

From the Command Reference Guide:


The serial port parameters can only be set from the command line or
web UI of the device itself. Any attempt by the clients to change serialport
parameters through RealPort will be silently ignored.

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I have applied these settings and will see if this fixed my issue. Thank you in advance!