New user PortServer TS 1

A customer of mine has a scale that connects to a PC via serial connection. The idea was to connect the PortServer TS 1 to the scale, and allow 2 machines to access the scale data via the PortServer. I ran the setup disk on both machines, they both installed the digi realport software and show the PortServer COM port in device manager. It shows up under COM ports as well as multiserial device in device manger. Unfortunetly the software they are running is having problems reading the information from the portserver and I’m trying to understand which step along the way could be causing the issue.

When the serial cable from the scale is plugged directly into the PC it works fine. (The software has serial settings different than the default 9600, 8, none, 1 ).

This setup has 3 places for serial settings: the portserver device itself, the COM port settings in windows, and in their software on each PC. Are all three suppose to have the same serial settings?

New user so I may not be using the right terminology.

Existing setup Scale –> XP PC –> software

New setup Scale –> PortServer TS 1 –> XP PC –> software

Have you found a resolution to your problem? Here are my thoughts:
My understanding from working with the PortServerTS4 is that there can be only one Realport connection to a given serial port. There can be multiple RealPort connections to a TS if there it has multiple ports, such as the TS4, as long as they are connected to separate ports.
Try using the “who” command while telnetting into the terminal server to see which RealPort host(s) is/are connected to the TS:

login: root
DigiTS4_Prompt> who

TTY user Connected from Connected to sessions

1 Server1 RealPort
4 Server2 RealPort
5 root MyPC local shell 0


This is an example of a telnet session to a 4-port Digi PortServerTS4. The output of the “who” command shows:
a RealPort connection between Server1 and serial port 1
a RealPort connection between Server2 and serial port 4.
a telnet console session between MyPC and the TS4.

I hope this helps.