DIA dying

I’m using the ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215 based evaluation kit for the iDigi Dia and have had some difficulty getting the system to run reliably.

When I run any of the example python scripts on the Wi-9P, they initally run ok and communicate with the XBee devices but after a few minutes they stop communicating and most of the controllers network comms shuts down. The telnet and web access hangs but the serial console is ok and you can ping the controller.

I’ve tried the GPIO example talking to the Rabbit BL4S100 and a simple XBee sensor example talking to the XBee L/T sensor with the kit and both hang with in a few minutes.

Anyone seen this before?


How much free memory does the system have left? You can determine this from the web UI homepage -> administration -> system information. If it’s below 1MB, you could have this problem.

I don’t believe the Rabbit demo was intended to be run on the Wi9P. Maybe that’s why you’re having problems. Do you see this problem with the green demo?

What python scripts are you running?