diference in read data from flash memory

Dear collegue.

I developed an application with rabbit which is used in oil to register gas. this application save data into flash memory, like historic files. the data can be accesed by two way. the first form is by html like a server and the sencond way is by bluetooth with eb5o6 module. In the HTML i used cgi function y when i tried to get the data it come without error… in the second way the function which get the same data inside between in several cofunction. there are a new system to control the bluetooth event in cofunction, because it is in the main loop. in this case when i tried to read the same data in the same memory position. it comes different forma. so i cant to get the historical files by bluetooth form. Can anybody help me. coul be a relation with memory because my code is large and the memory is almost full.
There are something whe i tried to printf the buffer, in it appear ynamiCUniversal Rabbit BIOS Version 9.50\�^>N… i don�t how to solve this situation…