Difference between Configuring XBee in X CTU software and Terminal ?

We can configure XBEE easily with X CTU software .

Most of the Tutorial uses Terminal for configuring XBEE.

So Why do we needed a complex terminal program to configure XBEE?

Is there any specific advantage ?

I am not sure I understand what you mean. XCTU’s Modem configuration tab just allows you to have a Graphical view of the radios AT commands and an easy way to set values. Any Terminal program or serial application can be used to the same AT parameters on the radios. So once you know what settings you want to write to the module, you don’t need to use XCTU at all. XCTU is only intended to give you a way to learn how to use the radios or a known good point in which to work from, or a way to upload new firmware to the radios. It is not intended to be the only way you change settings as desired.