Difference between DLine and UART mode

Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody could explain to the difference between DLine and Uart mode to me. I have read all the sparkfun tutorials, as well as googled around for about an hour, but can not find any site that explains it in a way that I have understood. Previously, my XBees were being run through an Arduino, the shield of which had DLine and Uart modes. The data never would send in Uart mode, and I didn’t really know why, so I just kept it in DLine mode and everything worked fine. I have since moved on from Arduino’s and am using a Teensy 3.2, and the shield connector of that has S-Uart and Uart1 modes.

TLDR: Could somebody help explain the difference between Dline, S-Uart, and Uart mode on various XBee adapters?

The adapters you are referring to are not manufactured by or supported by Digi. So Digi will not have the data. But I suspect DLINE is connecting to the Processor where by UART allows the XBee to connect to a COM port on the PC.