Difference between the Python Libraries online

On some searching online, I found that there are two different libraries for Python for the XBee.

Xbee Python Library
This seems to be official as it is released by the Digi.

Xbee 2.3.2
This is from niolabs

But the Official documentation from the Digi XBee3 shows the examples from Niolab library, not the Digi official python library.

So now I am confused.
Which one is correct and I should follow for working.

I have,
Digi XBee3 ZigBee Mesh Kit, worldwide
and using Spyder3 for Python Scripting

I understand the confusion. The documentation you linked is an example which would run on the device itself (using MicroPython) and the libraries you linked are host libraries that would run on a host machine.
To elaborate, XBee3 devices support running MicroPython code on the device itself. The documentation gives examples on how to interface with the XBee3 rf module with the on-board MicroPython REPL and not from a host machine.
I assume there is separate documentation for those host libraries.

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Ahh, thanks for the reply. Now I understand better.

Yes, there is a documentation for the python library in Micropython.