differnece between GPIB and GPIO

which it is the difference between GPIB and GPIO? thanks

GPIB is a parallel cable interface specification that’s been around for years (IEEE 488), used to connect peripheral devices to computers. GPIO is just Digi’s abbreviation for the term “general purpose I/O”.


Hi Sara,

If you are looking to connect to GPIB/IEEE 1488 devices over Ethernet, you could use a serial-to-GPIB converter (such as www.printcapture.com/files/GPIB-232CV-A_Data_Sheet.pdf) along with a Digi module that includes Ethernet and serial, or you could use a native GPIB–>Ethernet converter such as (www.ni.com/pdf/products/us/4gpib677-680.pdf).

GPIO only gives you control of and access to Digital inputs and outputs.

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