Digi AnywhereUSB Plus : Installation on a Linux server without a graphical environment


Please help with the issue of the “AnywhereUSB Manager” utility on Linux.

We want to install “AnywhereUSB Manager” on Linux Debian servers without a graphical environment. We successfully installed the 40003060_B_amd64.deb package, but now we do not understand how we can work with the awusbmanager utility if it requires X11 libraries.

# /usr/sbin/awusbmanager

/usr/sbin/awusbmanager: error while loading shared libraries: libSM.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there a newer version of awusbmanager that supports console mode?

Or maybe there is an instruction how to use awusbmanager without X11?

Thank you.

We found it possible to run awusbmanager with xvfb-run

Hi Alexey,
I am sorry for the delay with the answer.
I am impressed with the work of load you have done.
Yes, you can run AnywhereUSB Manager on Linux without GUI with Xvfb virtual buffer to emulate a screen for awusbmanager.
But please note that Digi can change awusb.ini file syntaxis in future releases.