Auto-connect to group/device via awusb.ini and awusbmanager -n? What is the synthax?

I am using Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus and I trying to find a way to auto connect to group/device from ubuntu (no X) using awusbmanager.

Currently I am forwarding X to my pc, connecting via ssh, starting awusbmanager and then manually connecting to devices I need. When I disconnect the ssh session the connection between ubuntu server and digi anywhere usb 8 is lost. The case is that I need permanent connection to the usb devices I am using remotely from the ubuntu server. So what is the syntax to auto-connect to group/device via awusb.ini and awusbmanager -n" (running in daemon mode)? Any reference to documentation ? I only found cli commands -

but not syntax for the configuration file (awusb.ini)

in my awusb.ini AnywhereUSB Manager configuration file on Windows there is a section:

this seems to enable autoconnect for the first group available on AW02 with serial number AW02-00xxxx.

Maybe you can patch your file in Linux in a similar way and restart the AnywhereUSB Manager to re-read the file.