AnywhereUSB Command Line Interface

Are there any command line utilities available to automate connecting / configuring an AnywhereUSB device? If there are no command line utils, is automation possible via a programming language (VB / C++)?



I’ll need to email you directly. I’m doing that right now.


Mike, please may I ask you fo some information how to control connectig and disconnecting?
thank you very much

Hi, I’ll send you the same information shortly.


Hi Mike,

May I have the information as well? Thanks.


Hi Mike,

May I have the information as well? Thanks.


Hery, (and to all who may come across this)

I apologize for being ambiguous in my prior email responses. I’m speculating that I may have given a wrong impression on what we have to offer as far as connecting/disconnecting/reconnecting.

The CLI that we have is only able to reset the AnywhereUSB, discover AnywhereUSB’s, and configure the AnywhereUSB. It is not able to control connecting and disconnecting to AnywhereUSB’s.

We do have an API/DLL that will allow programmers to integrate into their software functionality to automatically disconnect/reconnect an AnywhereUSB to have another system take over. It’s not something trivial and requires extensive programming knowledge. If you would like that information I can send it to you. It consists of some Dll’s and some documentation.

Can I have the command line as well?

If you have the AnywhereUSB software installed then the command-line utility is already on that PC. The file name is “awusbcon.exe” and you should be able to access it by typing “awusbcon” then hitting Enter in a command prompt. The file is located in “C:\Program Files\Digi International\AnywhereUSB Drivers”.

is it possible to use this utility without user interaction? I need to automaticly reboot the device when certain conditions on connected usb devices are detected by our application.
Thank you

Not with the awusbcon.exe utility. Possibly with the API but I’m not certain. If you want to take a look at the API, let me know and I can get it to you.

That would be perfect, thank you

Here you go.

thanx, though it’s just connect, disconnect …
looks like I have to send out notification for the responsible admins to manualy reboot devices

Here’s the AnywhereUSB API:


i would also like the API and relevant information.
thank you very much

We now bundle the AnywhereUSB API with the driver package. It’s in the Advanced subfolder.