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Here it is on the new site. We have changed to a salesforce based backend recently.

Where did you find this broken link?

I found it at

I were looking for some instructions on how to failover from one server to the next one AnywhereUSB

The answer did not solve my question :frowning:

KB article 1031 (in the old Digi KB system) was for this KB article:

The Status of my AnywhereUSB hangs at “Connecting to this computer”, according to the AnywhereUSB Concentrator Configuration Utility.

Unfortunately, there’s really no automated failover feature like this for the AWUSB. Normally, someone would need to manually run the AWUSB Configuration Utility (or the AwConsole CLI equivalent program) and initiate a connection to the AWUSB, after the primary server went down.

The closest thing you could do to an automated failover would be to add the AWUSB IP address (and Group number, if applicable) to the Connection List in the AWUSB Configuration Utility of the backup server, while the primary server is connected. Since you cannot “steal” connections to AWUSBs, the backup server would always be attempting to connect. If and when the primary server goes down, the backup server SHOULD connect to the AWUSB. I say should because it’s not really designed to be used this way, but I’m offering it as a suggestion, if you want to try it. Just keep in mind that the backup server may take over the connection even if the primary server doesn’t actually go down (any kind of network hiccup etc. could be enough to cause the backup server to take over the connection).

Other than that, you might want to look into using the AwConsole program, which is the CLI equivalent of the GUI AWUSB Configuration Utility. If you were to put together some kind of batch file / script / etc. to run on the backup server that monitors to see if the primary server is reachable, and when it’s not reachable, to then attempt to connect to the AWUSB, that could work as well.

I hope this information helps!

I solved this problem. Follow this steps:

1-Remove any Digi driver and application for node one. Reboot this node.

2-Install the driver 40002668_K. It´s only that worked.

3-See at Windows Services if “Digi AnywhereUSB Network Service” is running and automatic. If not, install this service manually using Sc Create (

4-Reboot node again and configure your DIGI Anywhere USB utility. The node 1 must use Group 1.

5-Connect the dongle and see if Digi recognize it.

6-Repeat all steps, but configure the node 2 to Group 2 on Digi Anywhere USB.

7-Reboot the active node and see if dongle was activacted.

My environment is Windows Server 2012 R2 x64


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