DIGI AW02 ongoing issues

We are running 3 AW02 devices and they are mapped through to 4 different VM’s with a number of different licencing USB adapters and USB Keys.

Since deploying them back in March we have had constant issues with USB devices dropping offline from the anywhere hubs.

When the hub drops offline from the Digi Anywhere Manager where it is searching for the Hub and cannot be found. The only way we have found that we can get the Server to connect back in to the hub is to reboot the hub from the web interface and the Hub will come online almost immediately.

We have continually performed software and firmware updates on the units and it still comes back.

We have moved USB devices around and isolated devices and it doesnt seem to matter, after 3-4 weeks the hub will just drop the connection, users get kicked out of applications and we need to reboot the hub to get things back online.

We’ve logged multiple tickets with Support, each time we are advised to perform a firmware update on the unit and make sure the software has been updated.

We have also had one device replaced under RMA, Upon return it was placed back in to production and again after 3 weeks we have then seen the issue again.

Does anyone have any advise on what may be going on or am I stuck with three paper weights?

If it seems that the Hub is dropping offline in AnywhereUSB Manager pretty regularly at the 3 week mark, have you checked for processes within that VM instance which run on a 3 week schedule?

Reason I ask is because I was working with a customer describing a similar issue, but in his case, a connected USB device was basically being “Ejected” once per week. Turns out, the “once per week” timing for when the USB device disconnection was occurring lined up perfectly with when they ran a backup of the Virtual Machines. He was somehow able to “ignore” or skip the USB device when the VM backup was run, and wouldn’t you know it, the problem disappeared.

I just wanted to mention the above due to the similarity of the event you’re describing, but also to point out that the AnywhereUSB Manager client-to-Hub relationship is also vulnerable to outside forces at times, especially when that AnywhereUSB Manager client is running on an instance running on top of a Virtual Machine.

Hope that helps!