Virtual Machine loses connection to AnywhereUSB

There are a number of posts on this issue already, but mine seems a bit different.

We have an AnywhereUSB device attached to a Windows Server 2003 VM. After (what seems to be) a random number of days, the AnywhereUSB device loses its connection. It doesn’t seem to correlate to a reboot, or any other specific event.

As well, when I check the Device Manager, the USB Controllers are not listed. It’s almost as if the USB controllers have somehow become uninstalled.

When I reboot the USB controllers come back. I would like to find a way around this so that I don’t have to reboot to resolve this.

Anyone else?

  1. Please upload the following screen captures:

A. AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.
B. The window you get from clicking “View / Driver Information” in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.
C. AnywhereUSB Viewer Utility (maximized).
D. Device Manager (maximized) with the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section expanded.

  1. When you say reboot, are you referring to rebooting the PC or rebooting the AnywhereUSB?

  2. Has this issue always occurred since you were using the AnywhereUSB in this particular scenario?

Has there been any resolution to this issue - same thing is happening to me.

Running v2.30 and firmware v2.30.5

Not yet, I still need the information from the person above. If you would also provide me with the same info we can get started troubleshooting.

I am having the same problem, except it takes less than 20 minutes for the server to loose connection. I have used the v1.8 (came with device) and downloaded v2.3 and got the same results. I have attached the requested screen shots. At times a reboot of the AnyWhereUSB device brings it back but mostly a reboot of the server is needed. I have another AnyWhere USB device using v1.8 driver that is working without issue connected to a different server.

Considering that AnywhereUSB has a static IP address (DHCP disabled), the first thing I would try to rule out is an IP address conflict. If another device on the network is using the same IP address, periodic “disconnect” issues like this will happen.

Specifically I recommend trying things like:

  1. Pull the power from the AnywhereUSB and then ping Granted, not all devices reply to pings, it’s simple and worth trying at first.

  2. Giving the AnywhereUSB a different static IP address. (And then, of course, see if the issue persists.)

  3. If you have a DHCP Server, turn the AnywhereUSB’s DHCP client on. (And then, of course, see if the issue persists.)

Let me know your results.

Problem resolved. Duplicate IP was the problem.

My issue is different…what happens, is I actually lose the USB Controller within the VM. I have updated the drivers to the latest version, but still happens from time to time. I can’t seem to pin it on anything.

In response to Jeremy’s questions.

I have to reboot the VM in order to get reconnected. As far as the screenshots…I’ll have to get those tomorrow.

As far as I know this has always been an issue with this device.