Hub keeps disconnecting from server

Hi All

So we have two anywhere/5 hubs connected to 2 separate 2k3 vm’s (Hyper-v). One seems to be stable as a rock and the other one keeps disconnecting from the server.

Setup 1 (not stable)
HyperV 2k3 vm - was p2v’d
Firmware 2.30.5

Setup 2 (stable)
HyperV 2k3 vm - was NOT p2v’d
Firmware 2.30.5

ISSUE: every1-2 weeks, the USB hub disconnects from the server. I can still see the hub in the ACCU and the Status displays trying to connect. I can reboot the hub from the ACCU, but this does not resolve the problem.
The only way to fix the issue at the moment is to reboot the server, which is not very convenient for our users during business hours.

I’m thinking about trying the older driver.
Does anybody else have any suggestions to try?

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed info.

Are both AnywhereUSBs connected to the same switch? If not, what is the vendor/model of each switch? If so, is the port config the same for both related ports (i.e. the negotiation)?

Thanks for the response Jeremy.
Both of them are connected to our core switch - a Catalyst 6500.
I will get one of our comms guys to make sure the config on the non stable port is the same as the stable one.
The main reason I don’t believe its a networking issue is because after the hub disconnects, it is still visible in the ACCU. I can even reboot the hub from the server it will not connect to, but it still will not connect so that we can use the USB ports.
When I try to connect to that particular hub from the other server (stable), it connects without any issues.
Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yep, that makes sense.

OK, let me know the results of checking out the related switch port config and we’ll go from there.

I got the exact same Problem here.
My Setup looks like this:
Virtualized Windows Server 2008 (No VMWare) x64
The Software is running fine up to one point where the driver still thinks its connected but actually it’s not.
The Viewer Utility says its connected. The Configuration Utility says: Connected to this Server:1 <- That’s the USBAnywhere hub and the USBAnywhere hub says Connecting to this Server…

As far as the Network Traffic is concerned it looks like this:

The Software is sending the packet to the USBAnywhere hub gets a clean response and then does nothing at all. It just stays silent.
Cant uninstall the driver after this and install it again. Can’t deactivate it in windows (system hangs).
A reboot fixes this tho. I just cant keep on rebooting the server every week. Advice on this appreciated. :slight_smile:

Let’s start with the basics: