AnywhereUSB/14 Disconnecting

We have had a AnywhereUSB/14 now for over a year and just recently all of our servers accessing usb license keys plugged into the awusb14 have been getting periodically disconnected from the device. Nothing changed on the awusb14, so I was at a loss as to why this was happening. I decided to update all the drivers on the servers to the latest version and then upgrade the firmware to the latest 1.83 version. I was hoping that would solve it, but it didn’t. I am seeing on the servers that the usb hub disconnected a few hours ago and reconnected. This does not work for some of the software we use, cause once it see’s the license key removed, the software stops working until it get restarted.

Is there a way to determine what is going on with our awusb14?

Is it possible there was a network outage during this time?

If not, is the AnywhereUSB unit dropping off the network? Does it respond to pings when the driver connectivity is lost? It may be possible the unit may be in need of repair (broken ethernet interface).

No network outage. The AWUSB14 is plugged into a Cisco FEX in our data centre, so if there was a problem with the switch we would know.

If there any kind of logging in this device, so that we can monitor it other than using the WHO command to see how long client have been connected to it?

I believe SNMPv1 is supported.