Disconnect and connect AnywhereUSB/14 not working


we use a AnywhereUSB/14 to connect USB dongles to a virtual Windows 2008 server.

If we want to re-initialize the connection between the server and the AnywhereUSB we click ‘disconnect’ in the AnywhereUSB config tool. But then it is not possible to re-connect to the hub. Nothing happens after a click on ‘connect’ (also no error message).

Only a reboot of the server helps in this case. After the reboot the server is automatically connected to the hub.

Is there any possibility to re-connect to the hub without reboot? Maybe deactivate and activate the drivers or something like that?

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Are you running Server 2008 “plain” or Server 2008 R2?

What AW driver and firmware versions are you running?

We are running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Driver: 3.71.78

Newer v1.82 firmware is available (http://ftp1.digi.com/support/firmware/82002081_L2.dwn ) and a newer AWUSB driver v3.80 (http://ftp1.digi.com/support/driver/40002668_N.exe ) so I suggest updating both. For the driver, it’s probably best to first Uninstall (through Windows Programs and Features) then reboot the host computer, before installing the newer version.

Does this help?

I just updated the firmware and driver some weeks ago, but the problem was already there before. So firmware and driver update to and 3.71.78 didn´t solve the problem, so I don´t think that the new version will help. But we will try it.

A network security scanner might be causing this issue, and it might be related to the Digi RealPort (serial-over-IP) driver.

Are you using the serial port on the AnywhereUSB/14, meaning do you have anything connected to it, and do you have the RealPort driver (different than the AnywhereUSB driver) installed on the host computer?

We uninstalled the RealPort driver some weeks ago because we don´t use it, but the problem is still there.

What do you mean with a “network security scanner”? A local installed one? How can I check that?

Is it maybe possible to re-initialise the driver or something like that so that the system will connect again without a reboot of the whole server?

I mean a network security scanner such as Nessus, that could be run periodically by a network administrator. Even though you uninstalled the RealPort driver, in case this is related to the RealPort service running on the AWUSB, please disable that too, and let me know if the problem persists (or not). You can disable it in the AWUSB Web UI under Configuration / Network / Network Services Settings. Uncheck RealPort (and encrypted RealPort too, if that’s an option), then click Apply.

I disabled both, RealPort and encrypted RealPort. I will monitor the system the next few weeks and check if this solved the problem.

We have this issue since years, too and I don’t belive that it’s related to the RealPort.
Because affected are two AnywhereUSB/14, two USB/5 MHC and one old USB5 legacy box.
The USB/5 have no RealPort feature nor such check box in WebUI.
The Operating System on the clients was over years, XP, Win 7 - 8.1 and some Windows Server 2k03 / 2k08.
We updated FW and drivers regulary without any improvement. A Host reboot is mostly required in more than 80%.